The Bušari of Đakovo

The Bušari of Đakovo


The Bušari of Đakovo is the biggest carnival event in the eastern part of Croatia. This year for the 26th time The Bušari of Đakovo revivials carnival customs, song, dance and entertainment through the streets of the city.


This is the place where past, present and future meets. This event includes rituals, customs, jubilees, and oral traditions. It shows the history of the community, the different social classes, as well as the economic situation.


The event itself consists of the Carnival Gastro Festival – “Fasting dishes (mrsna i nemrsna jela) during the carnival and Lent”, tasting and evaluating of sausages and the main event of the Bušari of Đakovo – the Carnival pageant with equestrians - custom of carnival riding in Slavonia, February 8th 2020.


The main event is a huge carnival pageant for all participants on the streets of Đakovo. In the few days of this event, 2500 participants arrive from all parts of Croatia, and there are approximately ten thousand spectators.


Đakovo is famous as ''The heart of Slavonia'' for it's beauty and hospitality that has to be experienced!