Festival of Lights Zagreb

Festival of Lights Zagreb


By the instructions and recommendations of the governing authorities the event has been canceled!


From March 20th till March 24th, the capital of Croatia will host the Festival of Lights Zagreb. With the support of the City of Zagreb and in organization by the Zagreb Tourist Board, the historic center will be illuminated with the cutting-edge lighting solutions based on very recent lighting technologies.

Festival of Lights Zagreb is the only festival of its kind in our city, and attractive audio-visual installations and projections will come to life at various locations of Upper Town. The theme of the festival is the spring that symbolizes the awakening, growth and renaissance, therefore each of the locations will try to evoke the springtime through light performances that will be held from 6 to 11 pm.

With the five-day festival, Zagreb will join the other world cities that have a tradition of holding such festivals, like Lyon, Amsterdam, Helsinki, Prague, St. Petersburg or Berlin. The intention is that the Festival of Lights Zagreb becomes a perennial tourist product with the aim of generating greater tourist traffic at this time of year.