Escape Reality at Magical Weekend Attractions

Escape Reality at Magical Weekend Attractions

Weekend Getaway

If you have a vessel available at your disposal in one of the Croatian marinas, the ideal way to start the season or prolong it is to spend an additional weekend at sea. This romantic and/or fun getaway from the busy big city lifestyle can be planned at the last minute, and the touch of nature and charm of island towns will reward you with a fantastic experience. The spring sunset or quiet autumn morning will fill you with positive energy as if you have been at sea for much longer than two days. Even though there are countless ways to enjoy yourself on the Croatian seas, here we bring you five suggestions which we hope will inspire you to go in search of some fun at sea.


We suggest you depart from the town and sail westwards up to the Pelješac peninsula. Its north-eastern shores hold the sheltered cove of Kobaš, where you will enjoy in the good berth and even better culinary offer at several restaurants, the only traces of civilisation that you will find. Spend Saturday morning having a breakfast of Ston oysters, then head for the Elaphites where you can find safe berth in Šipanska Luka. On your way back to Dubrovnik, take a swim at the cove of Šunj on the sandy island of Lopud.


If you want to enjoy the peace and quiet, we suggest taking the weekend tour around the island Šolta. Spend the first evening visiting the boutique marina in Maslinica or spend the night in the sheltered cove of Šešula on the western part of the island, exploring its southern shores on Saturday. Spend the night moored in one of the many sheltered coves such as Tatinja or Straćinska, and swim in the strait Splitska vrata on Sunday before heading back to Split. You can do the same thing even if you plan to spend two nights partying on Hvar. :)


The marinas in Tribunj and Vodice are orientated towards this area as well. Small island rivieras in Prvić or Zlarin offer secure berth nearby and are ideal for a Friday night out. Spend Saturday in one of the numerous protected coves of the Šibenik archipelago, and if you are a bit more determined, head to the nearby Žirje where you can find on its south-eastern end the coves Vela and Mala Stupica, with mooring buoys for safe berth. If the weather conditions are good, and if you are feeling a bit more adventurous, visit the lighthouse Blitvenica on Sunday before heading back to your starting point.

Boris Kačan


Just like with Šibenik, the local marinas in Biograd and Sukošan are orientated towards Zadar, and in front of them lies the island of Pašman. Spend your first night in one of the southern coves (e.g. the cove Landin), then head to the island Žut the next day which offers safe berth and an excellent culinary offer, as well as the spirit of the Kornati islands located nearby. If the size of your vessel (and height of your mast!) allows it, return through the strait between Pašman and Ugljan, and take a swim in the nearby sandy bays before heading back to civilisation.

Zoran Jelača

Pula – Opatija

If your vessel is moored in Pula or Opatija, the distance to the island of Cres is almost the same. The cove of Cres with the eponymous town at its base offers excellent berth and is a real island paradise near land. By exploring the Cres cove you will be able to find many beaches where you can enjoy the solitude, and those who are lucky will find good berth in Valun, a village mostly known for seafood delicacies served in local restaurants. You can try the famous Cres lamb, moor your boat and spend Saturday evening in the maritime and mountainous atmosphere of the town of Lubenice.

If you're sailing in the off-season, pay special attention to the weather forecast. Weather changes more quickly than in summer, so adjust your route to the sea conditions ahead of you. If you are an experienced sailor who knows how to control the vessel or you have an experienced crew, we suggest you go on an evening sail if the weather conditions are favourable. Sailing for one hour under the stars is worth 12 hours of daytime sailing at the very least. And you can fit all of this into one weekend.

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