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Immerse yourself in the amazing underwater world of the Croatian Adriatic. Discover the rich endemic flora and fauna, sunken Roman galleons, naval ships and much more thanks to the extraordinary clarity of its waters, with visibility up to 50 metres. Explore the deep going on organized tours for experienced divers or enjoy your first time in the numerous diving schools for beginners.


Natural as well as artificial reefs such as sunken ships are now the home and habitat for many species of flora and fauna like the hermit crab, starfish, the posidonia grasses (seagrass species, endemic to the Mediterranean Sea whose presence is a marker of the lack of pollution), seahorses... some of them protected species. Cave diving is also becoming more popular especially in the karst regions of Dalmatia. Whatever you do, you will fall deeply in love.

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The Adriatic Sea

Dive into the cleanest sea in Europe


The Adriatic Sea is a branch of the Mediterranean Sea separating the Apennine and Balkan peninsulas and the Apennine and Dinara Mountain Ranges. It extends over an area of 138 595 km2, is 738 km long, 159.3 km wide on average, with an average depth of 173 m. The waters along the east coast of the Adriatic, from the Savudrija peninsula in the west to Prevlaka peninsula in the southeast, belong to the Republic of Croatia. This beautiful 5790 kms of coastline is one of the most indented coastlines in the world.

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The beauty of the Croatian undersea world

The Adriatic Sea is a small, enclosed sea, but large enough to accommodate some of the most beautiful diving sites in the world with an amazing diversity of flora and fauna. Life in Croatia’s undersea world is part of the evolutionary heritage dating back to the prehistory of seas all over the world.

Diving starts in the shallows along an indented coastline with 1246 islands, islets, crags and reefs. At the onset it gives divers insight into the interesting marine life in store among the rocky undersea crags and reefs.

A diving adventure in Croatia

If your family loved the sandy beaches and turquoise coves, wait until you see what lies deep beneath the surface of the Adriatic Sea. For a complete experience, the best would be to dive beneath the surface and turn one day of your vacation into a true diving adventure in Croatia, exploring the mysteries hidden in the deep blue.

Sunny shallows of the most beautiful ecosystem in the Adriatic

In the 21st century environmental awareness has become global. It is a question of conscience and what we are prepared to do about it. In diving, environment preservation refers not only to the dive itself, but also to activities before and after, to pre-dive preparations, access to the diving site, the dive itself, the cleaning of equipment. Ideally, after the dive no traces of human presence should be left behind.
Diving is an activity which should be enjoyed, and to do so, practice is necessary. During basic diving training, a diver learns the skills and procedures that ensure safe diving.

The Undersea World

There are over 110 registered and documented diving sites, including antique sailing vessels and fields of coral growing on sheer undersea walls, caves and warship wrecks, now inhabited by schools of fish.

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The Deeper You Go the More Beautiful it Gets

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