Stipe Surać

Bungee jumping

Take the jump

for the most exciting moment in your life

Do you want a real experience of Croatia which you will never forget, or do you just want to send a holiday postcard like you parents did?

Join the select few who have tried bungee jumping in one of the most beautiful countries of the Mediterranean.


Imagine that you are looking at one of the most beautiful views of the Adriatic, as the vertical cliffs emerge from the sea, and the sky is reflected in the azure surface beneath you and then free as a bird you dive into this scene, like in a beautiful postcard, with a jump from a platform. This is the kind of beautiful view offered from the Maslenica bridge, which at 56 metres is the highest point in Croatia that you can jump from, and of course come back to.


Crazy, isn’t it? But it really is possible, because in Croatia you can choose between several beautiful locations for bungee jumping and take away with you an unforgettable, everlasting experience of a bungee adventure.


Apart from the adrenaline hit, the best part of a bungee jump is in fact the recording of your scream which you’ll post on social media and the many likes and perhaps an admirer you’ll get, because bungee jumping isn't for everyone, if you know what we mean. However, this is why Croatia is the right country for such memories. So get ready, steady and be brave at the greatest height to take away the craziest bungee memento from the Adriatic.

After a jump from the high Maslenica bridge, you can also descend from the Šibenik bridge, 10 metres lower and a fraction of a second shorter, nevertheless, with the same unforgettable feeling.

Bungee jumps from bridges are jumps from high points and that makes them more exciting, nevertheless, in Croatia, it is also possible to let yourself go in a bungee adventure from something less high, like from a crane. The principle is the same, as well as the equipment for the jump, you can also jump above the sea, and it seems that the amount of adrenaline is also the same. In both cases, you simply have to conquer your own fear.


You don’t have to worry for an instant about your safety because the professional staff are in charge of that. All you have to do is be cool as you come to the jump platform and not to freeze at the last moment, because bungee jumping is a completely safe trigger for adrenaline. And even if you do decide to give up at the last moment, because there is a way back, think twice, because perhaps you are denying yourself one of the most exciting moments in your life, especially if it is part of your holiday in incredible Croatia.